Backgammon Champions

Backgammon is growing in popularity today, but it actually has a long history Though online Backgammon is still relatively new which has generated a mainstream appeal amongst those who like to game from the comfort of their own homes, it still hasn’t quite captured the same “celebrity” appeal of other games like Poker.

There have been some big Backgammon champions overtime, and while their names might not be too recognizable today, they should be noticed for their achievements, and in a few years, they will be just as popular as the Poker pros when Backgammon takes off even more!

You might not know all of the names in Backgammon, but here are some popular champions and personalities who have gone on record voicing their love for Backgammon or participating in major tournaments. Some have even written books!

Omar Sharif – actor born in Egypt who had a weekly common about the game, tournaments, strategies and more

Hugh Hefner – Playboy’s founder might not be known for games (at least not this kind) but years ago, he was known for throwing Backgammon parties that focused on the love of the game, but also got a little bit wild!

Various celebrities – while these celebrities might not have participated in Backgammon tournaments, they’ve voiced an interest in the game and perhaps in future we might see them at celebrity invitationals in events like the World Series of Backgammon. Actors and actresses who love the game include Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue, Kevin Bacon, Tobey Maguire and Jaoquin Phoenix

Champions from Backgammon Tournaments throughout History

World Championships

2008 – Lars Trabolt (Denmark)
2007 – Jorge Alberto Pan (Argentina)
2006 – Philip Vischjager (The Netherlands)
2005 – Dennis Carlston (USA)
2004 – Peter Hallberg (Denmark)
2003 – Jon Røyset (Norway)
2002 – Mads Andersen (Denmark)
2001 – Jorgen Granstedt (Sweden)
2000 – Katie Scalamandre (USA)
1999 – Jorgen Granstedt (Sweden)
1998 – Michael Meyburg (Germany)
1997 – Jerry Grandell (Sweden)
1996 – David Nahmad (Italy)
1995 – David Ben Zion (Israel)
1994 – Frank Frigo (USA)
1993 – Peter Jes Thomsen (Denmark)
1992 – Ion Ressu (Rumania)
1991 – Michael Meyburg (Germany)
1990 – Hal Heinrich (Canada)
1989 – Joseph Russell (USA)
1988 – Phillip Marmorstein (Germany)
1987 – Bill Robertie (USA)
1986 – Clement Palacci (Italy)
1985 – Charles-Henri Sabet (Italy)
1984 – Mike Svobodny (USA)
1983 – Bill Robertie (USA)
1982 – Nack Ballard (USA)
1982 – Jacques Michel (Switzerland)
1981 – Lee Genud (USA)
1980 – Walter Coratella (Mexico)
1979 – Luigi Villa (Italy)
1978 – Paul Magriel (USA)
1977 – Jean Noel Grinda (France)
1977 – Ken Goodman (USA)
1976 – Joe Dwek (UK)
1976 – Baron Vernon Ball (USA)
1975 – Billy Eisenberg (USA)
1974 – Claude Beer (USA)
1973 – Carol Crawford (USA)
1972 – Oswald Jacoby (USA)
1971 – Tim Holland (USA)
1968 – Tim Holland (USA)
1967 – Tim Holland (USA)

Worldwide Backgammon Federation Champions of Europe

2009 – Christos Groutsos (Greece)
2008 – Fernando Braconi (Italy)
2007 – Schmucki (Austria)
2006 – Michel Serrero (France)
2005 – Francois Tardieu (France)
2004 – Francois Tardieu (France)
2003 – John Slattery (Scotland)
2002 – Katja Spillum (Norway)
2001 – Francois Tardieu (France)
2000 – Harald Johanni (Germany)
1999 – Mario Sequeira (Portugal)
1998 – Elio Hamoui (Israel-Italy)
1997 – Michael Löfblad (Sweden)
1996 – Nicholas Kitt (Romania)
1995 – Evert van Eijck (Holland)
1994 – Ion Ressu (Romania)
1993 – Matthias Körner (Germany)
1992 – Ion Ressu (Romania)
1991 – Michael Meyburg (Germany)
1990 – Thomas Lumper (Germany)

If you don’t know much about the Champions of Backgammon in 2009, here’s a little bit of information about their background and history:

Masayuki Mochizuki

this champion is part of the Japanese Backgammon league. He’s made his name in Backgammon by playing with offline events. For more than a decade, he’s been a part of the international Backgammon circuit. His nickname in the Backgammon world is “Mochy” and he’s the most travelled Backgammon player from Japan, having played in as many live events as possible during career. More recently, Mochy actually took a position with Play65 acting as a consultant to try and detect bots. He’s participated in a few events with the site as well to keep his presence up online as well as offline. Mochy is a Backgammon player that started his career offline, but he’s making the transition to go along with the times!

Mochy is a player that many Backgammon players can learn from. He does not believe that Backgammon is a game of luck and really focuses upon learning different strategies, memorizing moves and utilizing his skill. He attributes his success to all of this!

Christos Groutsos

despite the fact that his name appears all over the place, associated with many Backgammon tournaments. There is very little information about this Backgammon player who took a major championship in 2009. He seems to have participated in many events, primarily offline ones. But, as per the Greece native’s background, that’s a bit of a mystery.

Becoming the Next Champion

If you’ve been honing your skills by hitting the Backgammon tables, you might just be on the road to making one of these lists of the top Backgammon champions. Backgammon is changing, becoming more popular and more well-known.

Start playing in some more tournaments, improve your skills and take some risks. If you do all of these things, you might be the next big name in Backgammon that other players will strive to be like! Play online and offline, it’s the way that Backgammon is heading like the World Series of Backgammon which combines both elements.

It doesn’t have to just be a dream, if you’ve got the drive, all of the above players prove that it really is possible to hit it big as a Backgammon player regardless of your background or where you’re from!