The Best Backgammon Tournaments

Backgammon Tournaments are greatly growing in popularity and now take place both online and offline to offer players the best of everything! Backgammon is really starting to take after Poker, providing players with ongoing tournaments that take place regularly at some of the hottest Backgammon sites as well as major events that take place around the world.

Getting Started in Backgammon Tournaments

Depending on how large scale each tournament is, there may be satellite events that work as qualifiers towards participation in larger events and championships. Players can find these both online and offline, and of course before they get started at any of them, they should take the opportunity to hone their skills. All Backgammon sites offer players the opportunity to try out single games, matches or satellite and event tournaments that only accept players that are members from the site. These tournament structures play for prizes and money as part of prize pools, and are great ways for players to get a feel for how tournaments play out.

The best way for any player to increase their skills and their chances at Backgammon tournaments is through learning the basic strategies, and then with practice, practice, practice! Practicing online, on play tables at home and more can prepare players to enter into the big tournaments that are offered.

Popular Backgammon Tournaments

The biggest tournament in Backgammon is the World Series of Backgammon. It takes place every year in Europe, and has been happening since 2006. The number of participants in this competition is growing annually. The World Series of Backgammon begins in the fall every year, and unfortunately the specific dates for this year are not yet released. However, the event is broadcasted on television and also held in Europe.

Once the official schedule is released, players can get involved in the satellite and qualifier tournaments that take place. Last year, the WSOB partnered with DiceArena to create their own qualifiers, and Play65 has also offered tournaments. A complete list for World Series of Backgammon events is sure to be released for 2010!

World Series of Backgammon is really the only major Backgammon tournament offered online today. Backgammon is growing rapidly in popularity; however, so that’s something that just might change in the future as it becomes a more mainstream game!

Gammon Empire is another Backgammon network that has many of the great online Backgammon sites. All of the sites that are offered as part of the network have a variety of tournaments.

Sit and Go Tournaments take place constantly – players simply need to find a Backgammon table that still has empty seats in order to join in on the fun. Other event tournaments are based on a schedule and usually require players to register in advance, sometimes days, sometimes hours, sometimes just minutes. If these tournaments do not have enough players they often do not take place at all. The special event tournaments are often the ones with bigger, guaranteed prize pools for players as well! Many of the Gammon Empire Network sites do offer additional tournament events, like specials for high-rollers. Many tournaments are also available to players whether they’re playing for real money or fun money when they login!

Gammon Empire isn’t the only Backgammon Network to offer tournaments, virtually every reputable Backgammon site features some sort of tournament schedule. If you’re curious, visit their websites and most will have a “Tournament” section that outlines their schedule and gives an overview of the rules and other important information you’ll need to know!

For those who are interested in tournaments that are strictly offline, there’s the World Backgammon Championships. Unlike the World Series of Backgammon, this tournament for Backgammon has an extremely long history dating back to the 70’s. Players from around the world are welcome, including people of all skill levels, age groups and everything. Often, the final championship event gatherings take place in different Las Vegas casinos. This is what’s known as the most prestigious and largest event in Backgammon today, but it’s strictly got an offline audience.

Getting Involved in Backgammon Tournaments

When playing online, getting involved in Backgammon tournaments is as simple as joining a Backgammon table still waiting for players at a sit and go tournament, or registering to play in a tournament that’s featured as a scheduled event. When playing online, you don’t need to be intimidated. Simply find a tournament with stakes you’re comfortable with, and you can even assess the other types of players you might be up against since most Backgammon sites feature rankings that are associated with other player’s playing history and success. You can even choose to play for fun or for real money to get your feet wet.

Once you’ve had some exposure to the less essential online Backgammon tournaments, consider joining in and playing in a qualifying event for the World Series of Backgammon. The schedule for 2010 has yet to be posted, but once it is, you’ll have the opportunity to at least try your hand at qualifying for the biggest, most popular Backgammon tournament that’s been around to date!
To hone your skills, take advantage of tutorials that sites have to offer, and practice, practice, practice to build your skills and your confidence so you’re ready to take on any opponent at any Backgammon table!