Different Backgammon Games

In theory, there is only one form of Backgammon, it’s played on one board and different rules of the game can be optionally set with each and every game that takes place. However, in a way there are different Backgammon games in terms of their variations – but really, they’re just other types of Backgammon strategies. Players can use the different variations to play at any time when facing an opponent, and there are no specific rules that govern the different strategies provided the rules of Backgammon in general are being followed at every step of the way.

Variations of Backgammon/Major Backgammon Strategies

The Running Game

as the name of the game indicates, this version of Backgammon is a strategy that requires players to work as quickly as possible. They need to get their checkers to their inner board as fast as they can, and then bear them off as fast as possible. For an effective strategy this is a game that should be played when players have less pips than their opponents and when their checkers have past where most of their opponents are.

Prime against Prime

this is a version of the holding game that’s also outlined below. The idea is that players setup their checkers to block their opponents with a wall. A wall should be made from 6 points in a row and that creates the best block. In a prime against prime game, both players can use this strategy and it causes players to make moves with their free checkers that they might not otherwise since they may have no other choice due to the walls. It’s best to start a prime around the 2 to 11 points and then move them along with the opponent as they move to their home board

The Holding Game

prime against prime is one version of the holding game, but the basic version requires that players hold onto any point on their opponent’s board that will give them an advantage. A good holding point is one on the inner board or the bar point, that way players can take out their opponents, hitting them as they approach.

Blitz Game

In this Blitz Game in Backgammon, one player tries to keep their opponent stuck on the bar, unable to move their checkers towards their home board while the player moves towards their own. The best way for a player to try out the Blitz game is to take over 6 points on the inner table that way players can’t move any checkers back into the game until the other player is a long way into bearing off. The Blitz Game is a really risky move; it can either give players a big advantage or cause them to fail!

Back Game

in this variation of Backgammon, one player tries to take over at least two points on their opponents inner table. The idea is to hit a blog later in the game and then hand onto it! To be effective, a player must setup 2 anchors and have 10 checkers to contain the opponent, and the ability to setup the Back game depends upon the way the dice are rolled so it’s based a lot on luck!
Scramble Game – in this game one player is hit while bearing off and then tries to hit their opponent back as quickly as possible –scrambling to make a move.

The above are all different types of Backgammon games in theory, although they are not exclusive and players cannot choose to play one variety or another. They are all strategies and depend upon the way that a game plays out. A Backgammon game can end up incorporating any one the above combinations of variations, and in some cases, all of them can even come into play.

If you’ve come here wondering if there are different versions of Backgammon – then the quick answer is that there are not. Backgammon is backgammon. Stakes can change, certain rules are optional, and the speed of play can be selected when playing online but there’s only one type of Backgammon, it can just play out in different ways!