Improving Your Backgammon Skills

Since Backgammon is a game based on skill, and not just luck, it can take some work to become a good Backgammon player. Though let’s face it, as with any skill – some have more than others that come to them naturally, while others have to work a little bit harder in order to develop the same level of skill set.

The best players in Backgammon have some skills that really set them apart from the competition. They have a natural ability; an instinct that allows them to anticipate the way that a game will play out, read their opponent and really play a calculating game. These players also have great memories and the ability not only to recognize and carry out Backgammon strategies, but to memorize them step by step as well! Some of this comes with practice and experience, but some of it can only be attributed to intuition. Not all of it can be learned or developed!

The best Backgammon players also have knowledge. Knowledge might be in part based on intuition and practice, but this is something that can also be acquired. Below we’ll touch upon how new Backgammon players can improve their skills with knowledge.

Many of the great Backgammon players, through their experience have also failed. They’ve been through the highs and lows that the game has to offer, and it’s helped them learn and become stronger players. They may have high expectations of themselves, but failure is also a realistic part of the game. No matter how much time new players put in at the tables, playing time doesn’t always equal experience of all aspects of the game which can really shape skills.

So, while some parts of Backgammon skill comes naturally to those who truly excel at the game, there are many things that players can do in order to improve their skills at the Backgammon tables; whether while playing a single game, a match or a tournament online or offline.

Why to Improve Your Game

You may not have aspirations to become a professional Backgammon player, but there are some reasons to try and enhance your skills
People have more fun when they’re learning and improving – there’s a lot to learn in Backgammon and new experiences can constantly be had, by continuing to learn and improve, the game always remains fresh and exciting.

You might increase your bankroll. Backgammon’s not just a game of luck, so with increased skill, there’s a better chance of winning!
Confidence. No one likes to lose, and while that’s bound to happen, knowing that your skills are improving will boost your confidence and make your experiences even more enjoyable.

How to Improve Your Backgammon Skills

Read books
there are many books on Backgammon, and while commonly accepted strategies may have changed over the years, you can still take away some tried and true tips from the experts of the game.

Start simple
when learning new skills and strategies, don’t dive into the things designed for higher level players. Look at books and articles for beginners. Take advantage of online tutorials and articles designed for new players at many of the popular online Backgammon sites. If you start by learning the basics, like the terminology etc you’ll find the more complex things, when you’re ready, are much easier to digest and apply

Learn from your mistakes
many players still hold onto the idea that Backgammon is about “luck”. Sure, that comes into play, but Backgammon requires a great deal of skill to play well. Players that walk away from the table blaming the dice every time they have a bad game, never take the opportunity to improve their strategy. Always look for ways that you can improve, learn from your mistakes and learn what you can do differently next time. Accepting fault and learning from it, rather than blaming bad luck will only make you a stronger player!

Don’t be intimidated
sometimes players find it intimidating to start playing or ask from tips when they’re at online Backgammon sites because they don’t want to appear like they’re inadequate players. Take the chance to learn and improve from others, and push yourself and your skills a little bit without being intimidated. If you always play at a beginner table even after you’ve surpassed that level, your skills will never truly be put to the test
Practice, Practice and more practice!  Backgammon experience can be gained only by playing. To become a better player, Backgammon doesn’t have to become your life, but like any hobby you hope to excel at your need to hone your skills and put anything that you’ve recently learned into play. Join tournaments, single games and more both online and offline to practice and put all of the above strategies into play every time you’re at a Backgammon table.

Remember, you don’t have to have aspirations to become a World Series of Backgammon champion anytime soon, but one of the best parts about the game of Backgammon is that it’s not just based on luck. Applying skill, you have the chance to test your intellect and provide yourself with further mental development and stimulation. So don’t just accept you play how you play, because by trying out some of the above – you’ll find that you’ll improve every time you sit down at the computer and join a Backgammon table, or take on an opponent in person!