BG Room

BG Room

BG Room is exclusively an online Backgammon Room as the name indicates, and they claim to have the best Backgammon Software available online. We’ll discuss the software further below, though I can say now that while it doesn’t disappoint, it’s pretty standard compared to other Backgammon Software that is becoming available today.

BG Room is a Backgammon Room that is great for those who have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to Backgammon, but are interested in getting in on the trend. They offer a school that has complete information and tutorials about how to play Backgammon, and from their website there is a wealth of information that walks players through the setup process. So, those that have played Backgammon, but are new to this online trend can get into the game rather seamlessly with the written instructions and included screen caps.

Games and Tournaments

Games at BG Room are always ongoing. The Game Lobby itself is well setup to help players find a game that is best-suited to their skill level. There are individual rooms that all have different features, and many are reserved for players with a set ranking based on their skills and experience. No players are kept out of playing at these rooms, regardless of their actual ranking, but these are guidelines that can help new players determine what they’re getting themselves into. Once players have chosen a room from the Game Lobby on the left side of the software, the list of Backgammon Tables are available. Those looking for a second player can click to join, otherwise they can create their own and wait for an opponent to join the room and play. Players who create their own room have the option to set all the specs for the game, including speed of play, the exclusion of certain Backgammon game rules, and even choose whether the table will feature individual games or complete matches.

I found that the main Game Lobby was easy to navigate, though it took a few minutes to determine how the different rooms were segregated and how to find the actual tables that had games in progress since not everything is visible until you’ve selected a Backgammon Room.

The selection of Tournaments is fairly decent at BG Room. Sit & Go Tournaments take place around the clock and seem to draw a decent crowd. Scheduled event tournaments are also available on a daily and weekly basis, though these are only available to players who have chosen to play in Real Money mode. The additional tournaments do offer something for everyone though, with freerolls, winner takes all, tournaments with multiple winners, and guaranteed prize pools. An event calendar is posted so players never have to miss anything that’s going on.

Software and Registration

The software at is one that they have developed. I have to say that the initial installation of it was a little slower than I’ve typically experienced at other online Backgammon Rooms or other gaming websites. The installation stalled for so long that I thought that it wasn’t working, and just when I went to cancel it and started again it seemed to have a moment of inspiration and continued downloading (I should note that this was not a connectivity issue on my end at all). In total, it took about 15 minutes for the download to complete, which really isn’t that bad..just a little longer than I’ve often been used to. As soon as the initial installation was complete, it asked me to select a language, and then register an account. When playing with fun money, players only need to create their login and password, and supply a valid email address. Deposit and contact information is only necessary for those who want to start off putting their money on the line right away.

Once the software was finally launched, I can say that it was worth the wait. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the software at BG Room, and while some of it may have been exaggerated, it does offer smooth gameplay, great graphics and an easy to navigate game lobby.


Like many Backgammon rooms I’ve come across, unlike in the online casino world, Promotions refer to tournament events as well as bonuses. BG Room does, however, have a traditional welcome bonus for players. With a first deposit, they do offer matching that helps players increase their bankroll. At the time of writing this, it was a 30% deposit matching offer. Players who deposit between $20 and $100 when they make their first deposit can receive the complete 30% bonus. However, they do need to enter the provided coupon code when they go through the software installation process (when creating an account there is a field for bonus codes).

For other promotions which are based on tournament events, players can also check out the Promotions page on the BG Room website. I found there many of the events with big guaranteed jackpots and other great features that no one would want to miss are featured.

Customer Support and Tutorials

Support at BG Room is available by email or live chat; no phone Customer Service, which is fine, because I prefer to use online forms of support when I’m gaming online anyways. Both options are available 24/7 for players who need assistance. But on top of that right from the main Help page there is a game guide to give those who know nothing about Backgammon a leg up to start defeating their competition! There’s also an FAQ that deals with technical and financial questions for those players like me who like to seek out the answer themselves rather than looking for help from a support person!


The experience players will receive from BG Room seems to be a bit of a mixed bag of tricks. While the software itself is great once you get in there, some elements can be confusing to understand with the multiple levels of clicking required to get from the Game Lobby to an actual Backgammon Table. The software was a bit slow to download, though the complete written and visual instructions to walk players through the technological process were helpful. Additionally, Customer Support available is great with 24/7 email and live chat, but they are lacking phone support for those looking for it. Overall, I’d say that BG Room is a great new online Backgammon Room, but some of the hype might be bigger than the actual experience!