DiceArena is a great online Backgammon site that really offers players some unique features that they truly won’t find anywhere else. One thing that’s especially appealing to many players, and is uncommon in the world of online Backgammon, is the fact that DiceArena offers Backgammon in an instant play software format, so players don’t even need to download anything in order to start playing!

It’s not one of the busiest Backgammon sites online, but it does seem to offer a quality gaming experience to players in both Fun Money or Real Money mode which are both available. The overall design of the website and the game lobby is sleek, but has a fun feel as well with bright colors and cartoonish designs that makes Dice Arena feel a bit more light-hearted than some other places to play online!

Games and Tournaments

Available right from the main game lobby at Dice Arena are a series of games and tournaments taking place. Appearing at the top of the game lobby, players can choose from playing Single Games, Matches or Tournaments. Although you can play Single Games in Play Money mode as well as Real Money mode, it doesn’t seem to be very popular at Dice Arena. However, there tend to be a large number of Single Game tables for players to choose from when selecting Real Money Mode. Players have the option to join a table waiting on a second player or create their own and set their own stakes. The same applies for Match Play Games at Dice Arena, which gives players the chance to complete in a series of games to increase the action, even without getting involved in a tournament.

For Tournaments, there are scheduled event tournaments that require player registration, as well as Sit & Go Tournaments always taking place with various stakes and player numbers. Again, when it comes to Tournaments, players only seem to be interested in playing for Real Money at Dice Arena, which might be disappointing for those that are hoping to try the gaming experience out without putting any actual money on the line.

At the time that I logged into Dice Arena, there were no players in Free Money Mode for Match Play or any of the Tournaments, however, a few could be found in the Single Match games. The number online waiting to play in Real Money mode was quite impressive, though!

Software and Registration

One of Dice Arena’s best points, at least in my mind is the fact that they offer instant play Backgammon to players. This is something that is common with casinos, but most Backgammon sites require players to download. I don’t typically have a problem with this as a PC user, but it does typically stop MAC players from being able to play. Also, those who don’t want to slow down their operating system with a download can have no choice if they want to play online Backgammon. These are reasons why instant play Backgammon as available at Dice Arena is so great!

But, while the availability of instant play Backgammon is appealing, the graphics that come with the software seem to be compromised a bit. The game tables in particular are very cartoonish, and the graphics are not exactly what you’d call impressive, at least not when compared to those that are available on other sites that are much more realistic with sharp images. I’m not sure if this is a result of the fact that their software is instant play only, or simply because they weren’t too concerned about these elements.

Dice Arena does redeem themselves from their poor graphics with quick registration. Once players click play from the website to launch the instant play game lobby, they simply need to fill out a small form with a username, password, email address and country of residence. Additional information needs to be provided at the cashier when a deposit is made using a chosen method.


Dice Arena doesn’t offer players a typical deposit bonus. There’s no free money for joining or a percentage of deposit matching money promised when players make a deposit – but they do have a loyalty rewards program that works in exchange for cash. Every time players make a bet with real money while playing, they can receive loyalty points. Cash rewards are actually fairly generous, with 100,000 points awarding 100 Euro, and 100 points equal to 10 Euro.

Customer Support and Tutorials

Support really isn’t an area where Dice Arena excels. Most Backgammon sites offer players tutorials or even Backgammon schools. Since Backgammon is still pretty new online, this is important to help new players learn how to get involved and start playing at a specific community. Without this type of support, Dice Arena isn’t a good place for new Backgammon players (either those who have played offline previously, or that are new to it entirely!).

In terms of the availability of Customer Support for players who need to contact someone for technical support or other issues – this is also lacking. Customer Support is available by email only, and for limited business hours which really isn’t very practical since many people who play Backgammon have the tendency to get online during the evening and weekends. To offer some information to players, there is an FAQ document though, so it is possible to get some answers, just not from a person when live help is needed!


As far as a Backgammon site goes, Dice Arena has some good points and bad points – though it seems the bad might outweigh the good. The fact that their software is available in an instant play version is great. The graphics, Customer Support, and promotions could all use some improvement.

Dice Arena does also offer players more than just Backgammon, with other dice games and even an arcade. But, I’ll let Backgammon fans decide whether those are features that are good or bad!