CasinoRip Backgammon

CasinoRip Backgammon

Casino RIP is a website that doesn’t focus exclusively on Backgammon games, but on skill games in general. Players who enjoy Backgammon might either appreciate the option for other games, or might not appreciate the fact that the focus is taken away from their favorite game to play. It is a game that has a UK audience, so there is an international focus with multiple languages and currencies accepted. This site does offer a welcome bonus for Backgammon players, a school for training, plus there is no download required so it’s compatible with all operating systems.

Since Casino Rip Backgammon is instant play-based, players really will notice the website. It’s sleek, user-friendly, and all information is available for everything anyone could ever need. The website gives a great impression for what players can expect when they actually go to launch the software.

Games and Tournaments

Tournaments are offered in a pretty decent abundance at Casino RIP. Players can find a complete event tournament schedule on the website so they know when to check in. The tournaments are available in one major section on the software, and while sit and go tournaments aren’t really a feature at this Backgammon sites, event tournaments with every buy-in option, stake, speed, and guarantee is available so there are plenty of options available for players regardless of their playing preferences. For these tournaments, players must register in advance in order to join, although most of these tournaments do accept a larger number of players than sit and go style tournaments would at other online Backgammon rooms.

For games, the focus at Casino Rip Backgammon is Real Money Play. While “Free” games can be set under the stakes they are incorporated in with the rest of the games, and even during peak times there are few games available for players to choose from that are free in pay money. So, with this in mind, many players logging on may need to expect to have to make a deposit when they login. Personally, I always like to try games out for free before I make my first deposit just to know what I’m getting into, so, since it’s challenging to find a free game that does become a bit of a problem. Of course, there’s always the option to create your own table and set any stakes – including free. But let’s face it, if most players are looking for real money it becomes hard to find an opponent this way! The stakes for the games at Casino Rip Backgammon are truly all over the board. It’s not uncommon to open up the software and find that table stakes range from free to $1000 which is quite the range!

Software and Registration

Casino Rip Backgammon uses Game Account software which is web-based. Creating an account takes place right on the website and in order to gain access to the game lobby of all of the games, players simply need to enter a username, email and password and they’re good to go until they actually make their first deposit. Logging in on the website, even after registration is essential, otherwise players aren’t able to launch the lobby. From the website, in order to go directly to the Backgammon game lobby, that section of the website must be selected. From there it launches and players find themselves face to face with Backgammon. The game lobby for Backgammon is decided into 2 sections which makes things straight-forward. There’s the cash games, and the tournaments and that’s where it starts and stops. It keeps things simple, though there is the option for some filtering for players who would like to sort the games in progress to find something that fits their bankroll or other requirements. All of the usual software features are available, such as chat with other players – but not just at the game tables, from the lobby itself as well, plus they can create a friends list o see when their favorite opponents or chat buddies are online.

As for the game tables, for Backgammon they are fairly straight-forward, there’s a few basic customizable features and the game tables look realistic. Sound effects are standard, but high-quality, even considering the fact that this is an instant play software option!

Of course, for those who tire of Backgammon there are other skill games like Blackjack, Poker Dice, Dominos, Gin Rummy and more all available from different tabs on the game software so it’s simple to click over to something else using the same account. Those who really like Backgammon might not appreciate it, but hey, everyone could use a breather sometimes!


There is one straight-forward promotion offered to all players regardless of the skill game they plan on playing. It’s a 100% sign up bonus up to $100, and is the same structure as a fairly typical casino bonus. For players who are familiar with gaming online, this is the type of bonus that they would be well familiar with!

Additionally, there’s a small little incentive for players who deposit small bonuses of 10 Euro at a time (below the minimum for the welcome bonus); they can also receive 5 Euro free!

Customer Support and Tutorials

I love a Backgammon site that offers complete learning opportunities about the game and the software. Many players that have played Backgammon offline are finding their way online, and while they understand the basic concepts, they might not be familiar with translating that to the online environment. Others who have played at other online casinos and gaming environments are jumping on the popularity and they might not be familiar with the rules at all. Instructions and tutorials help players, whatever the learning curve is for them, get started without any problems. All from the website, Casino Rip Backgammon makes sure all information is available.

As for Customer Support, the only thing they’re really missing is the live chat support, email, and toll-free phone are available to players at virtually any time!


The only real downsides of Casino Rip Backgammon are also features that players might find beneficial. Some love the instant play games while others aren’t such a fan; and the same goes for the fact that it’s not a Backgammon site exclusively.