Gammon Empire

Gammon Empire

Although online Backgammon is a relatively new trend, Gammon Empire has been around for ages and can be considered one of the industry veterans. It started in 2004, and as a result, has a huge player base. It’s the biggest online Backgammon site and offers a quality gaming experience. The software is by InterLogic, which is the same provider as Play65 another great Backgammon Room that many players might be familiar with.

Gammon Empire is great for players around the world since the software is available in a variety of languages. Meaning that no players are left out of playing just because they speak a different language! Overall, Gammon Empire really does deserve the reputation of being one of the best Backgammon Rooms online!

Games and Tournaments

Gammon Empire offers everything that players who have played at Play 65 are familiar with, and then some when it comes to the tournaments. For games, players can play single games or matches and can check out their competition based on player rankings that are provided. I’m a big fan of matches, but always like to try and go up against players that are close to my own skill level, so this is a pretty great feature. For Sit & Go Tournaments there are where the games really differ, because there are different styles of tournaments offered. Choices include Knockout Tournaments where players beat their opponents and then move onto the next round or Swing Tournaments that crown a winner based on the player with the most number of chips at the end. I personally love the Knockout Tournaments for the instant gratification!

Event tournaments also take place on a regular schedule and offer players guaranteed jackpots and more. These tournaments are only available to players in Real Money mode, not those just looking  to play for Fun. With these events, players have to be ready to give their credit card a workout in the hopes of winning at a game that involves far more strategy than any casino game!

Software and Registration

Gammon Empire allows players to use the same login as they do for Play65 and vice versa, so those who already have an account don’t need to sign up again which is always a good thing! There’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to Gammon Empire’s software or their registration process. Within 10 minutes, new players who need to complete the download and create a new account can get themselves started. The software itself is easy to navigate, but it’s also incredibly sleek and attractive, which is the best of both worlds. The tabs at the top allow players to navigate between the games, tournaments and the School which provides complete tutorials on how to use the software and how to play the games.

Gammon Empire’s software comes with a lot of customization options. Players can choose the way that they want their Backgammon board to look based on personal preference. The software also allows them to change language options even after the download has been completed, which is an added perk and speaks to the quality of the software.

When I visited Gammon Empire, I had spent some time playing at Play65 earlier and I found that the experience was almost identical with a few added perks. Compared to many other Backgammon sites that I’ve played at, I find that the design of this software is one of the best. It’s easy to navigate and straight-forward, but it’s also pretty attractive. When it comes to the software, there really is nothing that anyone could possibly find to complain about!


Gammon Empire isn’t lacking in the promotions. At the time of writing this they offered players a 40% deposit matching bonus up to $200. While this might not sound too exciting to players who are used to spending time at online casinos where the deposit matching percentages are larger and the total money available is greater, for Backgammon Rooms, this is actually a very generous promotion, especially when compared to those that don’t offer players anything at all! Personally, I do find my standards are high when it comes to promotions because I’ve played at all kinds of gambling sites which all tend to offer welcome bonus offers but have different standards when it comes to the percentage and totals available. If I’m impressed by what I see, then you can take my word for it that Gammon Empire’s offer is pretty good!

In addition to this, players who find themselves online can receive additional promotions, like during Happy Hour when special offers are made available with free money award to players who make a deposit.

Customer Support and Tutorials

Support really is the only area that Gammon Empire falls a little bit flat on. Email support is the only option, and players must submit their questions using a support form. Immediate responses are not offered either; it can take up to their guaranteed 24 hours to appear back, and that was my experience as well.
However, they do make up for it with the school that’s offered on the software, and a website that has complete tutorials about using the software and playing the game. This makes Gammon Empire a great place for those new to online Backgammon to play, because you don’t need to be familiar with anything when you step onto their website!

For such a great Backgammon room, it’s a bit mind boggling why they don’t offer better customer support. Though, there is so much comprehensive information on the website, that perhaps they don’t expect anyone to run into any problems that can’t already be answered by reading through the tutorials or FAQ.


The lack of live chat or phone support is really the only area that Gammon Empire could use improvement on. For everything else, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. The software is great, there are always tons of players to compete against in the Real Money version or the Fun Play version. The games and customizable features also really add to the experience!