Ladbrokes Backgammon

Ladbrokes Backgammon

Ladbrokes is a big name in online gaming, so it’s easy to have high expectations when visiting their more recently added Backgammon section. The Backgammon offered here does not require players to download software, it’s web based in an instant play version!

Ladbrokes Backgammon also offers players the opportunity to switch back and forth to their other gaming sections using one account. So Casino, Poker, Sportsbetting and ore are all at their fingertips. Overall, it’s an adequate Backgammon Room, though it does have its strong points and its areas where it could benefit from a bit of improvement.

Games and Tournaments

The games (versus the tournaments) at Ladbrokes Backgammon are all classified as Single games, and they do not list any especially for players looking to get into a match. Tables available are based on the stakes, categories as under $5 or over $5. Despite Ladbrokes’ reputation for other games, their Backgammon tables really haven’t become very busy. At the time I logged into check them out for the first time, there were only a couple of dozen players online. All of them could be found in the Real Money section, with no players available to play against just for fun at all.

Tournaments at Ladbrokes are only available to players who want to play with Real Money after funding their account. They do take place around the clock and there are special scheduled events which players must register for, or there are Sit and Go Tournaments always ongoing which players can join in on provided that there’s still space at the table of their choice.

With Ladbrokes individual games players have the option to setup their own tables or find one that’s waiting for a second player to join. Of course, players have no control over the tournaments in particular.

As someone who often likes to give a new Backgammon Room a try before making a deposit, I can tell you that Ladbrokes Backgammon was a little bit disappointing. To start playing, I had no choice but to fund my account since there were no players available in any of the Fun Play sections to play again to check things out!

Software and Registration

Few online Backgammon Rooms allow players to get started without downloading a software, but Ladbrokes Backgammon is among them. Players can launch the software right from the website, and another unusual thing about it is that it’s actually possible to launch it and watch games in progress without even registering an account. When I first launched the software I was immediately brought to the Game Lobby. Without being signed in, I of course couldn’t join any games. But it was interesting to see that I had access to view everything on offer without ever having to provide the Backgammon Room with my information at all.

Players who want to join Ladbrokes Backgammon after launching the software are not prompted to do so, which can be a little bit confusing for new players who are just getting used to the processes of playing Backgammon online. I’m experienced at playing in various online gaming sites, and it took me a few seconds of looking around to determine how to proceed. At the bottom of the software, below the Game Lobby information there is a ‘Registration’ button and a ‘Login’ button. Those who have an account with Ladbrokes (the same one can be used as with any other sections of their site) can simply click the button to login with their information before they start playing. Or, those who are new to the site can use the Registration link, and then once their account has been created, move along to the Login option.

As for the software quality itself at Ladbrokes, it’s very simple. While this is not always a bad thing since more simple features tend to be user-friendly especially for new players; Ladbrokes could take things a few steps further. All the features are there, but the Game Lobby itself really isn’t anything special. The actual Game Tables themselves on the other hand do have a more realistic look and don’t seem to be lacking everything. Overall, when it comes to Ladbrokes Backgammon software – they win some and they lose some!


There’s really not much to say about the Promotions at Ladbrokes Backgammon, because there really isn’t anything on offer. The most positive feature that could even remotely be categorized as a Promotion are their lower commissions on every rake. Not exactly one of the best incentives out there for playing at an online Backgammon Room, but you can’t knock it entirely either!

Customer Support and Tutorials

Ladbrokes has a few options for Customer Support, but one essential one is noticeably missing – there’s no Live Chat! Players can browse through the FAQ offered on the website to find any information that they’re looking for, or they can use any of the multitude of specifically classified email addresses to have their question answered. Toll-free numbers are also available to players from certain areas. But, I still have to return to my original point, that there’s no Live Chat. As far as I’m concerned, when providing around the clock gaming services, the same level of support should be available to players immediately so their experience isn’t disrupted.

Backgammon schools and helpful tutorials are also becoming more common on online Backgammon sites, especially because many players are new to this recently emerging trend and need a little helping hand to get started. Of course you know where I’m heading with this, because Ladbrokes Backgammon doesn’t exactly offer this. From their website there is some information on Backgammon, including the rules and the basic concepts about how to play, but they could afford to expand upon this further, and players are sure to appreciate it!


As I said earlier on, Ladbrokes Backgammon can win some and lose some when it comes to the positives and negatives of what they offer. The instant play software and the actual game tables are great, but the Game Lobby could use some improvement. They’re also lacking in Promotions and could afford to add to their Customer Support options to better accommodate players as well.