Backgammon is growing in popularity online and is newly promising as one of the hottest games to play! One great place to play that’s jumped right on the Backgammon world is Play65 which offers all Backgammon all of the time! Play65 Backgammon shares a player’s database with another popular site, Gammon Empire to increase the action and the competition around the clock! Play65 is also part of the Logic Empire Backgammon Network, so players know exactly what they can expect when playing at this great Backgammon site! If you haven’t tried Backgammon, you should check it out, unlike when playing at other casinos, you actually have a great chance at walking away with some great winnings, and you can learn strategies to help you beat your competition. Of course, there are a few areas where the site leaves things to be required, but overall, it’s a great online gaming experience.

Games and Tournaments

When I first started playing Backgammon online and visited Play65, I have to say I was very impressed with everything that the site has to offer to its players. Having played at online Casinos and Poker rooms previously, I wasn’t expecting to find the frequency and availability of tournaments at a Backgammon site that would even compare. So, when I found what’s offered at Play65 I was more than impressed with everything that they do!!

Play65 gives players the choice between Sit&Go or Event tournaments if they want to really increase the competiveness in their Backgammon gaming.  The Si & Go Tournaments begin virtually whenever there are enough players registered to get things going. Buy-ins for these tournaments range and are great for everyone regardless of their bankroll; here players will find anything from a low $5 buy-in with $1 entry fee to play, to the highest buy-in Sit & Go Tournaments of $200 with a $15 entry fee. Personally, I like to play somewhere in the middle to set the stakes and the prize pools just a little bit higher without blowing my budget and I find that the options at Play65 allow for just that and accommodate virtually every type of Backgammon player.

The Event Tournaments at Play65 run on a schedule, so they’re a little bit better for players who would rather plan to join in a big tournament, rather than showing up and playing in one. Of course, since players know specifically when these are happening, there’s the potential for them to draw an even bigger crowd than the Sit & Go Tournaments. Players can get in on the fun by also reviewing the events calendar on the website to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the action!!

In addition to tournaments at Play65, the selection of tables can keep players busy for hours while you learn some new strategies and perfect your newly acquired Backgammon skills. The only problem is, it’s hard to drag yourself away once you get started enjoying the games; or at least, that’s what happened to me!

Software and Registration

Play65 uses software by Logic Empire which players must download. The registration process is fast and simple; even those who have had no previous experience with playing these types of games online will have no problem whatsoever getting started with Play65. After downloading the software, players simply need to create their account by going through the registration process which involves creating a user name, password and providing the requested contact information.

The Logic Empire software itself is simple to use for anyone since it has been designed to be user-friendly, and it also has great crisp graphics and fast gameplay that makes playing Backgammon here an even more enjoyable experience for players who are new to the world of online Backgammon!


Play65 offers typical deposit matching bonuses for players when they join. At the time that I visited the site, they were offering a 40% deposit matching bonus up to $200 to all players who joined the site for the first time. Although the specific promotions are subject to change, Play65 has set the standard and ensures that they maintain it with each of their offers so players always feel like they’re getting something in addition to a great gaming experience.

In order to earn the bonus money which is held in a bonus account, players must accumulate a certain number of star points – then the bonus money is released into the main part of a player’s account in 4 intervals. For example, when I deposited, I decided to go all out and up the ante with a big one. I received the maximum bonus of $500, and once I accumulated the necessary number of stars, $50 at a time was released to my main account for me to cashout or use for future game play.

The bonus structure is standard, though it would be nice to see a few more promotions added for loyal payers to add to those designed to get new players through the door.

Customer Support and Tutorials

Backgammon is a game that’s simple to start playing, but not always so easy to perfect. Players at Play65 are treated to complete tutorials, so no matter how much knowledge they’ve had about the game previously online or offline, they are able to get started and join in on the action.The tutorials at Play65 use video and explain everything to players starting with how to download and install the software, and completing the registration process to actually playing the game. The tutorials are great for players who are new to Backgammon entirely, or those who have strictly never played online but have experience playing elsewhere!

For those who require additional help, or need assistance with things not covered under the tutorials, there is 24/7 Customer Support offered every single day of the year. Email is the only option for players in need of assistance, though they do guarantee responses within 24 hours or less, it would be nice to see phone and live chat options added to the site. The first time I emailed the Customer Support at Play65 for more information, I received a response within a few hours which is always nice, especially when it’s a question or concern that’s keeping you from playing!


Play65 offers a great mix of everything that a Backgammon fan could possibly be looking for out of an online place to play. Players who have only played the game offline will have no problem making the transition at all. The software is great; there is a whole host of tournaments and events taking place suitable for any bankroll and player skill level. Additionally, it’s a great place for all players to play, even if they’ve never even given Backgammon a try and are just getting started. With great promotions to introduce players to the site, as well as ease of use; it’s hard to go wrong playing at Play65!! Though there are a few areas that the site could afford to improve on, with cons like limited Customer Support options and few promotional offers – these are changes that may come in time.