Prime Backgammon

Prime Backgammon

To those who are familiar with Backgammon sites out there, Prime Backgammon is one that will look familiar, and that is not a bad thing. It comes from the same people who provided Play65 and Gammon Empire, using the same great software and all of the features that the other sites are known for. Overall, if you play at any of the sites, you’ll find your experience to be very similar. They specialize in Backgammon through and through, and you can use the same account and login information between all of them, even though a different software package is required!

Games and Tournaments

Like the other Backgammon sites that are part of the same network, Prime Backgammon offers Play Money or Real Money gaming options which players must select each time they login so the fun money players are separate from those who are putting their real, hard-earned dough on the line! Since this is a Backgammon network that’s been in existence the longest, with many faithful players, it’s booming at any time of day. Unlike some other Backgammon sites that options are really only available for players using real money; Prime Backgammon does have a great variety of everything they offer to players using fun mode, so no matter what your preference, you don’t have to miss out on a single thing!

Offered at Prime Backgammon around the clock are single games, match games and a whole host of tournaments including sit and go and special events. Sit and go tournaments are available in fun money mode as well, though the event tournaments are reserved strictly for depositing players. For the sit and go tournaments, players can join in on any game that still has free seats; though the event tournaments do require advanced registration.  As for the event tournaments, there is a listing on the site and players who are logged into the software are notified of things that are coming up so they are encouraged to join in on the action if they happen to be around at the same time.

Software and Registration

Like the other Backgammon sites that are part of the same network, Prime Backgammon offers a great software package that is extremely user-friendly and well laid out. Here players are welcomed by two different sections for the real money or fun money play so there is no confusion over what games they’re eligible to  join and what they’re not which is a feature I appreciate. I’d like to be able to spot something that looks interesting and hope on board right away if I like what I see!

The software is also extremely user-friendly, allowing players to choose between single games, match play, sit and go tournaments and event tournaments. It’s easy to switch to real money mode whenever you’re ready to make a deposit and start putting a little bit more on the line too.
The software demonstrates player rankings with color-coding, so everyone has a chance to assess their competition before they choose an opponent. The software is also well-designed to provide regular updates on upcoming tournaments so players don’t need to miss joining in on the fun as they go along.

Prime Backgammon has what could just possibly be the best graphics of any Backgammon site, of course, this includes Gammon Empire and Play65 since they use the same software as well. The Backgammon tables are realistic in sounds and graphics, with tons of customizable options for players to better shape their experience to suit their particular tastes and preferences. The software even allows players to choose their preferred Backgammon board design which is a pretty unique feature that makes playing just that much more fun!
The process of registering is simple. If you’ve played at Play65 or Gammon Empire before, then you don’t need to do a thing except log right on in since the accounts work together. Registering if you’re just going to play for fun only requires you to setup a username, password and email address. Complete contact details are required for those that are ready to make a deposit to a real money account.
Prime Backgammon sets it up so the whole process really only takes about 10 minutes from the time you land on their site initially, until you’ve downloaded the software and registered an account and find yourself participating in a Backgammon game or tournament.


Promotions are always subject to change at Prime Backgammon, though they aren’t shy in offering players welcome bonuses as part of the deposit matching structure. In order to receive this, players must enter the provided code when installing the software at the specified time. Otherwise, there’s another opportunity when players make their first deposit at the cashier. Prime Backgammon also offers Happy Hour as another promotion, which during certain times of the day players can receive additional bonuses for making a deposit and participating in the events that are taking place. Players are notified of any special promotions that are available to them when they’re logged into their account with pop-up notifications.

Prime Backgammon, for a Backgammon site really does go all out in offering bonuses. They’re becoming more of the norm in the world of Backgammon, but certainly aren’t offered everywhere. So the variety at Prime Backgammon would be appreciated by any player!
Customer Support and Tutorials

Prime Backgammon offers players everything they could need. They’re ideal for players new to Backgammon online or offline with a school that is offered to players in Real Money Mode with complete tutorials to help them get introduced to the game, as well as in-depth instructions provided on the website about the software including screen captures.

The only area that Prime Backgammon’s really lacking is the lack of live support available on the software. But otherwise they do offer 24/7 customer support with other options. Though with the amount of information on the website and the Backgammon school, it’s unlikely that players will need much in the way of other assistance.


Prime Backgammon lives up to its name and the renowned network that it’s part of. It truly is a prime backgammon gaming opportunity for any fan of the game, new or old!