PlayWSOB is the official online backgammon site of World Series of Backgammon and is one of the more popular online backgammon sites; with a focus on a wide range of high and low stakes online tournaments whilst attracting star professional players, intermediates and beginners, this site offers some of the most exciting backgammon games around. The site has  high quality graphics and all boards are fully scalable. With games like these, players may seldom break out their own backgammon boards at home!

Tournament Play

The site is part of the Melita Gaming Network and hosts many exclusive tournaments. One of the more recognized tournaments is the World Series of Backgammon Online Tour. 2010 marked the first year that the World Series of Backgammon would be played in cyberspace. This first online tour was played at and was formatted around five different online tournaments. The payouts for the tournament were 100% of the prize pool. As with all other live tours, the WSOB Race is the common theme that connects the tournaments. Players will win points for each match that they win and only the best three results out of five will count. After tallying the points, the top 16 players in the Race won seats at the Play-offs.

In addition to these amazing tournaments, PlayWSOB recently partnered with BIBA, Britain’s oldest backgammon organization. The partnership is allowing to become the lead sponsor of the English Open and the Bright ‘n’ Breezy Tournament in England. The spokesperson for, Andy Bell, commented that this new partnership is a great opportunity because it forms a link between the quality of play that is offered at PlayWSOB and BIBA’s long standing reputation for holding some of the best offline tournaments in the UK.

Recent Events

One of the highlights for was the Heads-Up Championship. This was the first tournament of this kind and included Mochy Mochizuki and Jurgen Orlowski. Mochy is one of the most revered players in the world of backgammon and he has won multiple championships and titles. These two players have accepted an invitation to play five matches of 11 points. The games were hosted by Paul Weaver. After 2 days and 10 hours of competitive play, the Championship came to an end and Mochy was the winner. The win over the backgammon giant Orlowski was a milestone in Mochy’s career and attracted 100 spectators.

Software and Platform

Any player looking to experience a unique game will love the platform at There are no required skill levels, so players of all levels and ages can sign up and take part in the tremendous action. With so many tournaments held on a regular basis, this is definitely the place to go when looking for a competitive game. Players will never know who they will be matched against and they could be playing one of the world’s greatest players. The thrill of playing alongside professionals is something that cannot be matched and this opportunity is available at

One of the nice things about the site is that players will have the choice between playing for fun or for real money. Many players will enter the site looking to play recreational backgammon. The software used on the site is very easy to learn and the site is also easy to navigate. Even beginner players will have no problem finding their way around. After learning their way around the menus and seeing the possible wins that can be achieved when playing for money, many players will begin to make deposits in hopes of winning matches. The tournaments that are hosted at are the best in the world and many of the top ranked players will take a seat in these tournaments.

Promotions and Bonus Offers is similar to online casino sites. Players will receive some great incentives when they sign up at the site, including some of the best welcome bonuses available online. In addition, players can be invited to participate in exclusive tournaments or may choose to buy into one of the regularly scheduled tournaments. Obviously, serious players will want to go for the cash and win some of the bigger tournaments. The site also runs regular package deals that combine with Poker Partnerships. Players who sign up for the poker games can win entries into some of the backgammon tournaments. In addition, players will receive sign up bonuses.

Even beginner players can enter tournaments and enjoy the nonstop action. Instead of shooting for international tourneys, players with little experience can benefit from playing in the Saturday Challenge. This is a weekly tournament hosted by that guarantees a winning player a certain amount of money. The games are played every Saturday night at 6pm GMT. In addition, there are sub satellites that run daily.

Customer Service is proud to offer the best customer service and support available. It is important for all players to feel safe and secure while playing on the site. If you have any problems with withdrawals or deposits, you can contact customer service through email at or by accessing the live support page. Representatives are available 24/7 to handle any complaints or concerns.

Payment Methods

When you sign up as a player, you will have various payment methods available to fund your PlayWSOB account. Accepted payment methods include Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, ClickandBuy, PaySafe Card, Amex, Western Union Wire Transfer, Bank Transfers, MoneyBookers and Neteller. All of these methods are safe and your privacy will be protected. Payments are handled through TMG, which I believe to be secure and reliable.


Playing backgammon has become a popular pastime for many people who enjoy online games. Now, with access to, players will have the opportunity to play like the pros, using the same platforms. Imagine how exciting it would be to begin a match only to realize your opponent is the number 1 ranked player in the world? This can, and does happen at

No player is every turned away because of their skill level. In fact, the site urges beginners to join and learn the game by watching tips from the pros and playing practice matches. There are even some tournaments that are strictly open to beginner players.

Personal main pros and cons

+ Extremely stable and customer friendly software
+ Anti-Bot detection control

– Rake is rather high (but can be offset with our exclusive offer, see above)
– Many strong players online (but with new promotions available there is a rapidly growing field of mixed skill players)