Unibet Backgammon

Unibet Backgammon

Unibet does not deal just in Backgammon, but offer an overall betting experience to players who really like online gambling. This is a world renowned betting site that is known for offering players great games, promotions, fast transactions, and in general a great place to play! While this may not be a backgammon site that some of the top online players find themselves, since it’s not the main focus of the betting site,  but that doesn’t mean that people can’t enjoy the game there even if they’re just deciding to try it out for the first time while playing other game types at Unibet.

Backgammon is a recent addition to Unibet’s game inventory, and it can be found in the skill section along with a variety of other game types.

Games and Tournaments

Unibet’s Backgammon games launch directly from the website in instant play form once players are logged into their accounts. Since Unibet just launched recently, and is its newest game listed under the Skill category there is limited activity happening with their Backgammon games so far. Players will find that the game selections include single or match games, and games for fun or for real money betting, but the actual tournaments have not yet begun. However, as Unibet does feature tournaments with some of the other leading games, this might be a feature that becomes more popular in the future as the Backgammon players pick up and there is a more regular number online!

Software and Registration

Getting started with Unibet Backgammon is simple. Players who have  already registered to play at other game sections have the chance to play at this site. The accounts are all the same, and all anyone needs to do is login to their account on the website and all of the games are available to be launched from their associated page. This means that switching back and forth between gaming types is very simple, and players can track their history and use money all from one account no matter what they choose to do!

For those that are new, registering with Unibet to play Backgammon is an easy process. Simply fill out the contact information required, create a login and then once the account has been activated, you can choose to fund your account to get started with playing for real money, or simply join to play for fun! The software for Unibet Backgammon is instant play so it launches in a web browser. Players can track their history and see who else is online through the Unibet software.  There are also simple features to view the rules of the game and more. In general, everything is similar in format to what’s available with all other Unibet games!


Unibet offers a wide number of promotions, however, none of them are currently available to play with Backgammon. Their deposit matching bonuses have limitations that restrict the games that players are able to try out so players with Backgammon don’t really get to take advantage yet. Although, since a lot of players who try backgammon at Unibet now might also play the other games at this online site, it’s possible to make a deposit, take advantage of the promos, and meet the wagering requirements elsewhere and then go to play Backgammon with any winnings!

Customer Support and Tutorials

As one of the leading online gambling sites, of course Unibet offers great support to players. Those new to Backgammon may feel the need for increased clarification before getting started with this new gaming option available at the betting site. Phone, email and live chat support are all on offer for people to get in touch and the support is available 24/. There is no question to big or small to get players started!

While a lot of online betting sites and Backgammon specific sites do often provide players with Backgammon tutorials, this site has not yet made that addition to what they offer. It’s possible that Unibet may do so in the future, but they aren’t there yet!


So far, Unibet doesn’t offer the best backgammon gaming online, but it does offer a great addition to an already strong site for those who just want to try something new! That’s not to say that in time, players won’t find that there are more things added to Unibet Backgammon to enhance it even further!